How to do affiliate marketing with Pinterest (2022)

Today I am going to tell some powerful methods for doing affiliate marketing with Pinterest

Using Pinterest for affiliate marketing is a great option till now.


Because Pinterest is the 14th most significant social media with over 433 million active users in July 2022.

So now if you choose Pinterest for getting affiliate sales then.


Also, I will include both paid and free methods to help you choose. Now I will tell you how you can start affiliate marketing with Pinterest so let’s dive in.

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Some interesting stats

As we all know Pinterest is the 14th largest social media app. In terms of users.

Of 433 million users 60% are women on Pinterest. That means around 259.8 million. so you will get benefits if you promote those products which are related to women.

Here’s a bonus tip.

You don’t need to promote your Pinterest account to get more followers. You can drive your customer from Instagram.

Because 86.2% of Pinterest users also use Instagram. That were some Pinterest stats

How to start affiliate marketing with Pinterest

affiliate marketing with Pinterest

After choosing an affiliate network then the next step is to create a Pinterest account.

Then convert it to a business Pinterest account. Why business accounts?

Because account this will provide you some pro features that aren’t available in the normal version. Now you can make pins with any software you want. I will suggest that you use canvas.

affiliate marketing with Pinterest

It’s a free and paid tool but you can use it for free as well. You will get enough features to create a beautiful pin.

Famous topics on Pinterest

in Pinterest some categories are famous. these are the top 10 popular categories

  • Home
  • Arts & crafts
  • Style/Fashion
  • Food
  • Inspiration/Education
  • Holidays/Seasonal
  • Humor
  • Products
  • Travel
  • Kids

Create posts regularly or scheduled

this platform is like where you have to upload regular pins. But in starting you should make 2-3 pins in a day.

but not like waste pins.

make quality pins and give a reason for your audience to click on your pins. because if you have even 10k followers but no one clicks your URL then it’s a waste.

because of, this mistake, I have already done this before.

affiliate marketing with Pinterest

As you can see in this screenshot I got 240,512 impressions in a month but.

affiliate marketing with Pinterest

I got only 16 clicks in a whole month. It means I got every click on 15032 impressions which is very bad.

so try to give values in your pin

see these top-ranking pins on how to build backlink keywords. they give you enough information in their pins for getting more and more clicks.

3 Strategies

what are these strategies?

I included some ways to get extra benefits from your followers.

1st one is don’t send them directly to your affiliate link. Add a link to your landing page. why a landing page?

Because the landing page will provide your email address for your customer. And when you got their emails then you can share your product.

Email marketing is more engaging than social media.

Here are two more of them.

2. paid to advertise

affiliate marketing with Pinterest

Now When Pinterest has a large amount of audience that means you can reach out to those people and explain your product.

Also running ads on Pinterest doesn’t require much money. You can start this with a small amount of money.

On average $0.10 – $1.50 per click, $2.00 – $5.00 per thousand impressions. That’s cheaper than Facebook ads so you can use this.

3. With blogging

affiliate marketing with Pinterest

Blogging is one of the best ways to do affiliate marketing with Pinterest. So how will you use it?

You can make a review of that product. This will increase your conversion if your content is on point.

If you convince your customers with your content, then your conversion rate can be up to 2-3%. Which is a good rate.

affiliate marketing with Pinterest

As you can see in the screenshot so you can understand how review is important for the buyer.

If you decide to make a blog. So you will get 2 platforms for blogging blogger and WordPress. so which one is better?

you can read a WordPress vs blogger’s complete comparison about everything.

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Affiliate marketing with Pinterest is a great way even if you don’t want to show your face. also, I share mostly everything in this Pinterest affiliate guide.

you can start this if you have a budget to run ads so.


You can go for it but want to do it organic way so it’s also a good option but you have to keep working without thinking about the result.

because affiliate marketing is not a quick money method I hope this will help you let me know in comments. Will you try this?

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