How to do affiliate marketing without showing your face

There are a lot of ways to do affiliate marketing without showing your face. Even if you don’t want to come ahead on camera.

So, in this article, I will show some powerful methods that will help you to grow your affiliate business without showing your face. these methods are all about promoting products. but affiliate marketing is more than this. so you can read our affiliate marketing roadmap this is teach you exactly how to do it.

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Run advertising

This method can give you instant results but this is a little expensive method. But this is a great way you can get instant results if you run ads properly. To run the ads properly, you have to learn first. which is a little time-consuming part.

In this method, you will get many options like display ads, search engine ads, etc. But paid ads are not always profitable. just imagine someone clicks your link, then how you can call him back?

Now here comes a landing page that will help you to call back your customer who is actually interested in your product. So, what is a landing page?

What is a landing page?

A landing page helps you to capture your customers’ email. And who clicks your link. it means they are interested in your offer or product. You can make this with simple clicks and if you don’t know, how to create a landing page? Then you use google.

2. Email marketing

This is also a cool way. Now I have already told you about the landing page. Now let’s talk about this.

When you capture someone’s email then this is the best way to call them again by sending your product or offer to their email. But what if you don’t have the budget to run ads Or you don’t want to spend in the initial days So how do you collect your customer email?

There are a lot of organic ways to collect that email, but this will take enough time you can’t expect results in the initial days. You have to keep working with patients. Now I am going to tell you those ways to get emails from your customer.

  • Blogging
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

these are some platforms where you can share your landing page link for getting emails from your customers. now let’s talk about 3rd way to do affiliate marketing.

3. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to get affiliate sales without showing your face. And you don’t need a lot of money to start this. you can start this with a small amount this is not a totally free option. You can do blogging for free on BLOGGER or WIX but there is a problem. These website builders use free hosting so this becomes hard to rank. I will suggest you should invest in a hosting plan that will be more beneficial.

If you are thinking about starting a blog, I will suggest you the best hosting at the best prices. So let me induce Hostinger.

Hostinger provides you with a lot of features at an affordable price. You have to invest $42.34 dollars for a whole year. but why hostinger? because hostinger provides you with these features.

Final words about blogging. This is my favorite method to do affiliate marketing without showing your face. But you have to be given enough time to grow. This is not an easy method but this can give you passive income.

4. Pinterest

This is a powerful social media app that provides you to make pins and get clicks on your link. You can make image pins about your product or offer. But this is also a search: Like Google, so you can generate more clicks and impressions by ranking keywords in it.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. You have to work with patience in this too. but you can advertise on Pinterest because this is not expensive as Google. you can make pins and promote them here. you can start this is a very small amount of money. but if you don’t want that I have a more way. you can make a website/blog then you can get more benefits by connecting with Pinterest.


You can send traffic directly to your site where you can share more products. This guy can buy something else

you can write a review and explain your product or offer which can increase the chances of conversion even more.

also, where your site will monetize you can place ads on your site, which will earn extra money.

5. Choosing a right product

If you don’t want to show your face so it’s necessary to choose the right product. Choose a product that does not require your face.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t promote caps, sunglasses, etc. You can promote also those products but if you want to make a video you may have some problems.

And if you want to use other ways like a blog or paid ads then there is no problem. Now let’s talk about other methods.

Video platforms like youtube

This is really the best way to do it. Why? Because video content is too engaging than a blog and if you do it perfectly you can get a 4.8% conversation rate. Does it mean if 100 people watch your video there chance to get 4-5 sales that are so cool.

Youtube has a large audience. So you can find an audience who likes your product.

If you are thinking that you have to show your face on YouTube, then it is not so. There are actually many options to promote your product. You can make a review on those products which don’t require your face.

If You’re Into Fashion then make Shoes, watches, etc. Meaning choosing that which can be made without showing face.

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These were my favorite method where you can prormote your product without showing your face. I included both type of method paid or organic both can be good or can be

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