How to promote your content (2022) powerful ways

Promoting your blog post is more important than writing a blog post. You have given 80% time to promote and 20% to write.

Because it doesn’t matter how high-quality posts you write. If no one knows about your blog. So you have to start promoting.

if you are ready now to promote your content but are confused about how to do it?

So no worries I will talk about some highly effective ways to promote your content.

Things which keep in mind before promoting

Promoting content can be easy if you do it perfectly. So which thing do you have to keep in mind before promoting content?

1. Quality

If you are trying to promote your content but your content Quality is bad then you can’t get good engagement. Also, this will increase your bounce rate and that’s not a good thing in ranking factor.

So how will you increase quality?

So just assume you created a post on ‘TOP 5 SHOES REVIEW’ and you just add the shoe name and a Little description. So how can you expect anyone to click on it?

You have to go in-depth, like research about those shoes, and do a detailed review with pros and cons. This will help your customer to make a decision and if you can help your audience then you are in the right place.

Responsive design

This point can be in the first place because this is not hard to implement.

If your site has an eye-catching interface, and fonts, it will help your audience to spend time on the site.

And this is not that hard just make your site responsive, add some beautiful fonts and you are good to go.

Enough post

It would be best if you had at least a few articles that link to each other by internal links. This is to get more views, if someone is reading your post and he finds any other article he can click.

That’s why to publish some good-quality posts.

Now let’s see content-promoting strategies

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote your blog post. It can be a little hard to grab your customer email If you are new to this.

Here are some ways to capture their email.

  • You can answer their questions by email. This will help your customers.
  • Provides some exclusive or special post that is not on your site.
  • Talk about offers or sales if you have any Ecom or affiliate sites.
  • If you have a business-based blog you can Send any free course by ebook.

These are some normally famous ways. But according to me, analyze your Audience and your content. And find the ultimate way to capture their email. And make your own ultimate strategy

Social media

Social media marketing is booming now and still growing day by day. As a little example, Pinterest is the 14th largest social media platform. And still have 433 million monthly active users.

That’s why many brands target social media to promote their products.

make your profile and promote organically or paid. Both have their own pros and cons but still, I mentioned a Little description of both of them.

The organic way is much better than paid in some points. Like In the organic method you don’t need to pay anywhere that is totally free. But there are some problems.

The organic way takes time no thought, you have to build your audience and after a long time, you will get enough views on your website. You can’t expect instant results.

The paid method is totally different you will get instant results but not profitable always. if you are selling something on your site then it can be profitable for you. but if you are thinking about earning with google adsense with paid method then its a stupid move. why?

because you cant make enough money with google adsense

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